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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring.

The engagement ring  represents the promise of marriage, in fact it symbolizes the vows of love exchanged between two lovers. Once you decide to ask your girlfriend to marry you, the time approaches to choose the ring that will accompany the fateful question: “will you marry me?” “.

The choice of the ring is not so simple and, often, we have included too many possible alternatives and confused! So here are our practical and concrete tips to help you choose the right engagement ring and make your lover happy!

  • Choose the gemstone
  • Choose the setting of the ring
  • Choose the type of metal
  • Identify the correct size
  • Plan your budget in advance
  • Don’t forget which finger is the right one!
  • Choose a nice way to ask him THE question

Choose the gemstone :

The gemstone is undoubtedly the highlight of any engagement ring. There are different types of stones, each with its own meaning. So let’s go see the most suitable stones for this stage of love, and which ones are ideal for both your choupi nette and your budget! The diamond is the most attractive gemstone when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Its name derives from the ancient Greek “adamai” and it means indomitable power. The diamond symbolizes perfection and solidity.

A little curiosity: the ancient Greeks and Romans thought that diamonds were the tears of deities or fragments of shooting stars. Very romantic, isn’t it? You know, not all diamonds are created equal. Their price varies according to 4 main characteristics, namely: color, carat, transparency and size.

engagement ring

Precious stones :

Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend, but for sure: they’re not our wallet’s best friend at all! Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative solutions that envision such beautiful and elegant gemstones! Here are our suggestions for a breathtaking engagement ring ! The  sapphire  is normally a light blue or blue stone, however it is also available in pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, red and even black.

Sapphire exists both in nature and in chemicals, in fact it can also be produced in the laboratory. Yet it is distinguishable only through examination under a microscope. It is the stone of wisdom and joy, of prosperity and inner peace. A little curiosity: Prince William gave his beautiful Kate Middleton an ring with a sapphire surrounded by 14 solitary diamonds.

Choose the type of metal :

Platinum is one of the most popular choices when a future groom decides to purchase an engagement ring . It is a rather expensive material, because of its purity and durability. Gold is undoubtedly the most used material for engagement rings and for wedding rings.

When it comes to gold, there are different types of colors: white, yellow, pink, and even green. Other metals to consider are silver and palladium. Silver is a very ductile and flexible gray-white metal, ideal for those who do not have a very high budget. Finally, palladium is a silvery white metal, hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for more sensitive skin.