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Procedure to pass the building inspection

The building inspection is, as Vital building & pest inspections have explained in other articles related to the building & pest inspection, a mandatory official instrument that informs the owners and the City Council of the state of health of the buildings and their possible deficiencies.

building inspections

Technical building inspection

If the building you live in has to pass the building inspection this year, the usual procedure that we follow in architecture to perform the Technical
building & pest inspection is as follows:

First of all, we elaborate a personalized budget that takes into account the specific characteristics of each farm: year of construction, surface, height, etc.

Then we present it to the owners, explaining if they want it in meeting or meeting all the details of it, the actions contemplated and the deadlines.

After accepting the budget, we set a date and time for the building & pest inspection.

At the agreed date and time we perform the technical building inspection, checking the parts of the building that reviews the building inspection and taking extensive technical and photographic documentation.

Afterwards, we write the minutes (which may be favorable or unfavorable) and the building & pest inspection report if deficiencies have been observed (detailing the injuries are seen, their possible solutions and the security measures to be adopted if necessary).

Finally, we present all the necessary documentation to the competent administration.

And we track the file until its completion, to avoid surprises.

If the building inspection is favorable:

If the building inspection is helpful, the Municipal Management proceeds to the annotation of the file in the building register, and the procedure is considered completed for ten years, at which time a new
building & pest inspection will have to be carried out.

building inspections

If the building inspection is unfavorable:

If the building inspection is unfavorable, the Municipal Management proceeds to record the file in the building register, and the corresponding execution order is issued, which covers the measures to be adopted immediately to ensure the constructive security of the estate.

To carry out the required remedial actions, the building owners must hire a qualified technician to draft the technical project of the repair works (if necessary) and control the execution of the same.

Once the corrective actions have been completed, a copy of the final work certificate or suitability certificate will be submitted to the Municipal Planning Department, if the project has not been specified, signed by a competent technician and endorsed by the corresponding professional association.

When this certificate is presented to the Municipal Management, it will proceed to the transfer of the file to the building registry and the procedure is concluded for ten years, at which time a new building inspection will have to be carried out.

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