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What things should I keep in mind when hiring a web designer?

Choosing the right person to design the showcase for our project, that is, the website, is not easy at all. You surely know if you are an entrepreneur. So if you are in the process of designing or rebranding and you have wondered what you have to take into account before hiring a web designer to save yourself future headaches, take note of the advice that we will give you below.

Web design: he who preaches, applies

We are in the age of information, online courses, free resources and ” digital marketing experts “, so it is increasingly difficult to know when we are in front of a competent professional or in front of the typical smoke dealer.

How can we trust someone 100% to put the design of our website in their hands? Easy. Check their work and their website.

Look at the pages you have designed and the opinion of your customers. A good designer will have good references.

When you do, see if it works with HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, or another web server. As a tip, we recommend using Page Speed or GTMetrix to see what the loading time of the web is. Something very important in order to hire someone.

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Make clear what you want from the start

Let’s start by saying that web designers are creative but not guessing, so you have to be as clear as possible with the instructions and what you want. If you have a page as a reference, show it to him and make sure it is clear what you are looking for and what is your priority.

If you do not give the web designer as much information as possible about what you are looking for, you will not be able to claim that you have done something totally different from what you expected.

To be clear:

  • What platform will you use to create the web? Will it be a web design in WordPress? Wix? Squarespace? Site Builder? or others.
  • What information does your designer need from you, before starting work?
  • Do you agree with the template? How long will it take for you to receive the first proposal?

Must have a clear details and accepted by both party in the first place.

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Quote and written contract: safety first

Once you have discussed what you want and you are 100% sure that the designer you found is the right one to work on your website, ask for a written estimate that includes everything you want and the exact price.

  • Domain
  • Hosting (I always recommend Site ground)
  • Web design or Template
  • Specific plugins for functionalities. Be careful with the licenses.
  • Cookies and security plugin. Be careful with this.
  • And other details that you just consider relevant …

Hire a web designer: view drafts before publishing

This topic is very important. Both for you, as an entrepreneur, and for the designer, it’s important that you must review and accept the changes made on the page before publishing.

Make sure everything works correctly: the links, the images, the branding colors, the responsive design, the forms. All.

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Do not wait for the page to be published to note small details and make claims. Because, perhaps, they are no longer valid.

Tutorial to understand the web page and make future changes

We reached the last essential point when hiring a web designer for our project.

You must be sure that once the web is launched you will be able to make small changes yourself without having to resort to a designer. Unless the case requires it, of course.

For this kind of case, it’s great that you use WordPress platform because changes can be made without any problem. Although don’t forget that there are templates with which you are doing need the assistance of a designer.

Check this out if you want to save time and money in the future and, in case you are not very sure you can take care of it, choose to outsource this task by hiring a WordPress specialist that can help on the maintenance.

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Before finishing the post of the week, we leave you 4 more things you should ask before hiring a web designer:

  • It will add Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business (for local positioning of your business) …
  • It will optimize the web to improve the performance of the pages; code, images …
  • It will integrate essential Plugins that you need to do security control.
  • It will take care that you have backup copies external to your website.
  • It will add a tool for web positioning, such as Yoast, for example …

Now tell us, what things do you have in mind before hiring a web designer?

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