motorbike spares

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The motorbike spares scooter-scooter arrives at Motorcycles , the perfect mix between a Scooter and an electric scooter. This innovative and eye-catching electric scooter model is the latest cry from the leisure industry.We are talking about a new concept of electric scooter that can be driven sitting, standing or pushing with one leg as if it were a conventional scooter.

The motorcycle-scooter is a platform designed to move in short distances quickly and comfortably. It is a very versatile city vehicle that does not require a license, helmet or any special permit to drive it. In addition, it is a model that is assembled and disassembled very easily and weighs just 53 kg.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

This model of electric scooter mounts a handlebar type Harley-Davidson that gives it a very comfortable ride.

The motorbike spares-scooter comes with everything

This new model incorporates a hub-motor or motor incorporated into the rim, from the Brush less brand. We are talking about one of the best on the electric motor market. This half scooter half scooter has a 1000W brush less brushless mounted on the rear rim.

As important as its motor is its battery, since it reaches a range of up to 30 km. Thanks mainly to its 60 watt 12 amp lithium battery. This new motorbike spares Racing vehicle has very wide tires (8 ″ inches ”) that allow this scooter to even stand up once stopped. The braking system of the Scooter-Scooter bike is by means of hydraulic brake discs, both front and rear.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

The Motorbike And Scooter-Scooter is 160 centimeters long, 33 wide(with 82 cm of handlebars) and 108 high:

Its platform is very thin and wide. Ideal to carry any type of luggage, since it supports up to 200 kg of load. In addition to all these important features of the new motorcycle model, we can also talk about its smart charger, with a battery level indicator, its LED light and its horn.

Without a doubt a unique model made for maximum enjoyment and that will be available in May at Motorcycles.If you are hesitating between a Minamoto , a scooter or a scooter , the Scooter-Scooter is the perfect mix of both, it is your vehicle !!!

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